Non-Negotiable Resources For Knowledge Hungry Marketers (& a Free Book Giveaway!)

It can be really flipping hard to be a marketer. Especially if you’re in a very small team.

The job requires you to have many skills and to quickly understand concepts and ideas. Unfortunately it’s easy to get bogged down by the grind. This often leads to suboptimal performance because you’re on rinse and repeat mode and not trying new ideas and iterating from learnings.

Marketing & Sales podcasts

I have whole essay on my favourites and why they’re worth your time. I will link them in the Twitter thread. At a high level the below give you incredible and free access to marketers and sales leader’s minds:

  • The Revenue Intelligence podcast
  • Demand Gen Chat
  • Real Marketers Podcast
  • Marketing Trends

Courses & Cohort learning

No matter your skill level is, courses are a great way to quickly learn concepts and ideas. Here are three I recommend:

  • HubSpot Academy
    I honestly can’t believe this is free. I took my first course on it in 2015 and since then the library has exploded and is full of helpful courses for various skill levels.
  • Ship30for30
    Most marketers will need to write in their careers — copy for flyers, social, paid media, blogs etc. It’s inevitable. To better my writing in 2022 I joined #Ship30for30 and have learnt so much. It’s great for anyone trying to get better at digital writing.
  • SuperHi Design courses
    Not specifically ‘marketing’ but more branding, I’m part-way through the Visual Design + Branding course from SuperHi last year. It’s been super helpful for me to understand the fundamentals of design which an area I am not skilled in… at all!

Social Media

Social media groups and Hashtags can be hit and miss. Some that I have found useful:

  • #MarketingTwitter
    You can find some brilliant, smart and savvy marketers via that channel sharing their learnings. I enjoy following Sparktoro’s Amanda Natividad — she’s clever with how she delivers her content and there’s always value.
  • Facebook groups
    Again, can be hit or miss but sometimes you can find gold in here for niche specific SEO groups etc. Women in Marketing can be a good one if you’re new to the marketing game.


I’m very choosey with which ‘influencers’ I follow on YouTube when it comes to marketing, but right now I’m enjoying content from one coach specifically and that is…

  • TK Kader
    If you’re in a start-up TK Kader is a must-watch. He’s fantastic at distilling down everything you need to understand GTM and selling in 2022. He’s also super real and practices what he preaches. Honestly, please watch his channel. He deserves more kudos.


Books can quickly become out of date, especially when it comes to digital marketing. However, I 100% invest in books about writing, improving writing and… psychology. Some of my favourites I think marketers should read:

  • The AdWeek Copywriting Handbook
  • 100 Ways to Improve Your Copywriting by Gary Provost
  • The Art and Business of Online Writing by Nicholas Cole
  • Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini



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Em Downham

Em Downham

Hi. I’m Em 👋. I write about b2b SaaS marketing, ideas and thoughts 💭, all the way to learnings from business & productivity books ✏️.